Love me then…

My love is having wings when you talk

When you always check on me

Time I spend with you

The best of my life

Always I await

To see you

With a fluttering heart

I still always blush

To see you, to feel you

To make you satisfy

My happiness my sadness

Is within your heart

I love you, I need you

I will make you glad

Just love me

Come, let me

Show your

Rightful place

Touch me kiss me

Breathe me in

Feel me

All over

Love me




Dakshi ~

2012– 10/06

© All Rights Reserved

About Dee

Trying to be a Phoenix🤓
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1 Response to Love me then…

  1. Your words make me blush at the sound of your written voice! They embraced a heart and make it numb and then alive with a breath that softly kisses their distant love. An awesome poem to the one you love!

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