Ultimate Solace…

I can’t run away from you
where would I go?
What would I do?
Without you

There would be no me

I have lost myself in you
you are my destiny
You are my fantasy
You would be
My ultimate solace…



Dakshi ~

2012– 29/05

© All Rights Reserved


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6 Responses to Ultimate Solace…

  1. soumyav says:

    beautiful photo for the beautiful lines… 🙂

  2. Maybe these words bring comfort and peace
    Aussie Ian

    You Know Me My Darling
    For You Are the Keeper
    Of The Key
    That Unlocks the Portals
    To My Heart
    I Walk the Road of Love
    In Loneliness
    To Seek the Doorway
    To Your Love
    And Reach the Inner Sanctum
    To Your Soul
    Of Eternal Love
    Emotions Unbridled
    Thoughts in Abandon
    Wreaking My Love
    Upon Your Heart
    You Know My Soul
    For Once We Walked
    Hand In Hand
    In Times of Long Ago
    In Youthful Love
    Now In the Coldness
    Of My Nights
    Buried Within Dreams
    And Memories
    You Are Never Far
    From My Heart
    For Once within My Arms
    I Held a Young Girls Dreams
    And Hopes
    And Locked Within My Soul
    Still Hold Her Eternal Love
    You Are Still Within My Dreams
    And Rest Within My Heart
    For You Are the Keeper
    Of The Key
    That Unlocks the Love
    Within My Heart
    You Have My Eternal Love
    The Roar of Oceans Waves
    I No Longer Hear
    Nor Shed a Tear
    The Past Was Once
    The Past Is Gone
    I Stand Alone
    When Closed Eyes to Love
    Can See
    Behind Veiled Love
    Into A Young Boys Eyes
    And See the Golden Ring
    Around A Young Boys Heart
    Therein You Will Find
    His Eternal Love
    Circled By a Band of Gold
    Therein the Circle
    Of Love
    Is Complete

  3. shehanrg says:

    Simple and beautiful… Speaks deep from the heart right? 🙂 Something common to all your poems. They come from very very deep place in you and come out so simple and beautiful… 🙂

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