You are my Soul..

We have come so far

Where words are not necessary

Claiming your love is irrelevant

Acting as a green eyed monster is immature

I know, I understand now

We have nothing to conquer

We are meant to be together

You are not a shooting star

You are my everlasting soul

My love, my best friend

My life….



Dakshi ~

2012– 24/05

© All Rights Reserved

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Not writing in this blog anymore....
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8 Responses to You are my Soul..

  1. tigercity says:

    someone said to me on wednesday “open your eyes”.. way I see it is every day is a chance to stumble upon a whole new matrix of emotions.. you’re truly in love & perhaps the colours are brighter for you..

  2. booguloo says:

    Having had this once.. it seems to be taken with the fog.

  3. Expressing love in such a fantastic way is brilliance also.
    Let it be till the World exists.
    Expressing so is the Apex of LOVE.

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