On a Cliff…

I was on a cliff

Wind blowing on my face

Underneath was the dark and treacherous sea

Wind was howling

Some strange whispers

Far across the sea

I saw a sudden flash of thunder

The wind was pushing me

Towards the cliff

I look around

You are not there to be seen

I wanted to say my last words

I wanted to say how much I love you

I wanted to ask for forgiveness for hurting you at times

I wanted you to be there

Witnessing my last moment on earth

United in earth

I wanted to united with you in hereinafter

I future I cannot yet see

With one last push

The evil wind was powerful enough

I had no choice

But to fall

I was falling towards my death,

Forgive Me…



Dakshi ~

2012 – 20/05

© All Rights Reserved

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