I Do… *

I never seem to be finding the right words

I always felt so lost

I was a dreamer, the hopeless kind

I was always in pain

Writing always gave me life

But still my life was so boring and dull

One fine day, a miracle happened

You just happened to my life

That was what I was waiting all my life

Words just came flying into my heart

I was in love and still I am..

Life is so great when you are in love

Everything is better than it used to be

Love is the answer, for love conquers all

Love was the missing piece in my life

You make me better, I used to be bitter

You showed how to love more than you life

You are my guiding star, when I fail to see

You are my soul mate, my world

I was in love and still I am..

I soar with all my love

My heart has found its peace

The serenity, the tranquility you brought

Your love is incomparable

You are my destiny, you are my heartbeat

You are my love, I always searched

I feel I’m alive now, thanks to you

I breathe with enthusiasm, thanks to you

I live now, don’t exist because of you

I was, is and will be in love

With you, would say,

“I do”….

Dakshi ~

2012– 20/05

© All Rights Reserved


* Thank you for being my inspiration… ( My 800th Poetry Publication)

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