My Soul mate…


My brain freezes

When I stop hearing from you

My life seems to be coming to an end

I write, I weep, I wail till I hear you again

I’ve become so dependant of you


I think we are two bodies but one soul

Our hearts beat as one

We think of the other all the time, when we’re awake

We dream of each when we are asleep


I’m proud to be your girl, I should say

You are the ONE, only one for me

Want to spend all my days, till my last days

Want to be with you, my Soul Mate….







Dakshi ~

2012– 05/05

© All Rights Reserved


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3 Responses to My Soul mate…

  1. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    I love the images that you put with your writing – great flow…

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