Today too…

Today too

I will not see you

I will not feel your warm embrace

The sweetest kisses won’t be

I may not hear you

But my heart still beats

It says I’m still alive

Excruciatingly melancholy

But I’m still alive

Till I see you again

Till I run into your arms

This flame inside me

Will be burning

I will be waiting…



Dakshi ~

2012– 04/05

© All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to Today too…

  1. Ru says:

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
    as our lives are mingled together.

  2. Angela says:

    Oh! Such longing in these words! You paint such a raw picture of this emotion, well done!

  3. zygerina says:

    Beautiful dakshi great work i really,really love it!

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