My Destiny…

This sickness brings me nightmares

I just want you by my side

Love me, love me, love me till I fall asleep

Your presence will chase away all the dark thoughts

You, I want you, oh! Be with me

I’m dying to feel your warmth near me

Be with me; sing me lullabies till I sleep

You are my soul, my destiny, my life….








Dakshi ~

2012– 01/04

© All Rights Reserved

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Not writing in this blog anymore....
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2 Responses to My Destiny…

  1. jhasmoments says:

    Hey 🙂
    Thought you would like this….
    FWFW>>>>From asoulwalker:

    I was thinking about getting a group of poets together and having someone pick a topic for all of us to write a poem about. I would then post all the poems on this blog. I think it might be interesting. Now if you are a writer but have not written much poetry (or any) this does not mean that you should not consider it. If anyone is interested leave a comment below.
    click on link below:

  2. Dakshi, you bring every moment to life, that two hearts in love always contemplate and share. Nice!

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