Love you till the end…

In this excruciating pain,

All I wanted was you

You never failed to be with me

By my side

Caressing my head

Kissing my forehead

Holding me close to your heart

I felt your heartbeat

In a gentle rhythm

I felt your breathe in to my ear lobes

Calm, soothing feeling

To my disturbed soul

I planted a kiss in your neck

A token of appreciation

Wanted to shower you with kisses

But my weak body had no strength

When I will feel good

I will be soon,

I will repay you with soft kisses

Thousands and thousands

Still I’m indebted to you

For your unconditional love

You are my oasis, my heaven on earth

I live for your love,

I will love you till the end….











Dakshi ~

2012– 01/04

© All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to Love you till the end…

  1. David Eric Cummins says:


  2. Such a beautiful song with a beautiful rhythmn that resonates through out…I love its message!

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