You are the one I’m in love…

Wanna hear your voice all the time when I’m awake

It makes me complete, makes me fulfilled

Calm my nerves

Touch the deepest end of my soul

Soothing me, my world

Hypnotizing me, with your mesmerizing ways

Making me wanting you all over again

More and more, I want you more

I want you by my side

In colder nights your memory makes me warm

Makes me go on, makes me live another day

In scorching sun, it cools me down

Like cucumber slice in ice

You, the best thing for me

You, my heaven, my sanctuary

You, I adore, my love, my life

You, I adore, I bow

You, my ultimate destination

You are the one I’m in love…











Dakshi ~

2012– 23/03

© All Rights Reserved


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