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Why did you?

Why did you fool me? When you could have just confront And make my life a heaven on earth? When I adore you? When I worship the ground you walk? Why did you Let me play the fool?     … Continue reading

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You will never come…

You Who Always Meet Me Won’t Come To See Me AGAIN….                 (Photo:http://weheartit.com/entry/19531959)   ~ Dakshi ~ 2012– 07/03 © All Rights Reserved  

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Where would I go?…

I was living in a dreamy world Being happy of the attention But was so much in love With the best of the best Never broke the faith But when I knew All was just a lie Everything was just … Continue reading

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It’s how I live…

I tell to the whole world That I’m in love with you No inhibition, no lies, no pretence   May be I’m not good enough Not a priced trophy for you   It’s alright, if you feel that way It’s … Continue reading

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Why Lie?

I don’t know, should I laugh or cry I don’t know what to do I was a fool, I was Not to see you who was in front But you could have told me You could have just told me … Continue reading

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