Patient Mind….

Do not be agitated

For I haven’t even dream of leaving the love of my life

But when my love can’t soothe your soul

Your disturbed soul

Like you used to soothe me

Make my life cool as cucumber

What can I do but to let you calm your nerves?

Patience is novel to me

For I know not how to

But I will learn the ropes

Of being patient

Like you learnt

All the roads for me

For you are and always will be

My heaven on earth….











Dakshi ~

2012– 29/02

© All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to Patient Mind….

  1. Ru says:

    Patience is something hard to learn,
    when you love, you will have to earn.

  2. Patience is hard…but when in love we must learn it.

  3. Yajnaa says:

    “Like you learnt the road for me”. – beautiful beautiful line. 🙂

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