Love hurts…

Surely I must be dreaming

A very bad dream

I want to wake up, soon I want to

Can’t dream this very bad dream


Why can’t I open my eyes, oh why!

God, help me, I’m dying inside

I feel suffocating and crazy

Why am I stuck in no man’s land?


Tears, useless, tears, what’s the point?

Tears have no say

Even if I’m dying in a blood pool

What’s the point, will any one feel?


I think I’m gonna die in my dream

Without gaining consciousness

My last words, for you my love

I love you so much, it hurts…..














Dakshi ~

2012– 21/02

© All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to Love hurts…

  1. Ru says:

    Pain is a part of love,
    Why so sad my love?

  2. Hope says:


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