Back on Track…(Thank God)

It’s just a temporary drawback

Of our love story, it seems

My love was true, so do you

How can we fall apart, we aren’t


I have my childish ways, I know

You know me too well

When both try to be in other’s shoe

Both feel lonely


We are inseparable

Admit it, We can’t deny

Our love is eternal, it’s meant to be

It’s a fact, we don’t have to try


I have fallen for you again,

I will forget that darker skies

I will love you, honest to God

I will always love you, I’m awed…











Dakshi ~

2012– 21/02

© All Rights Reserved



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1 Response to Back on Track…(Thank God)

  1. Ru says:

    Things are not so bad,
    I too am very glad.

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