My sweet addiction…

I’m addicted to you

To your love, sweeter than chocolate

You say you are addicted to me

More than I do, I know you do


Day by day, I fall for you

With your perfect love

Many envy me, I’m so very lucky

I love you, my sweet addiction


I will give you my life

I know you too

I will go any distance with you

Without you, I’d be not me

With you I’m complete

I love you, I’m addicted to you….











Dakshi ~

2012– 20/02

© All Rights Reserved


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4 Responses to My sweet addiction…

  1. Interesting! Lots of beautiful poems all at once! I enjoyed every one of them! What’s the inspiration today?

  2. Dakshi says:

    As usual, Love.
    Makes me wanna write more and more and more.
    Can’t stop.. 🙂

  3. Ru says:

    I m staying up all night,
    just cant get you off my mind,
    tormenting me day and night,
    Could this be love at first sight ?

  4. Beautiful really! I hope to get there soon. Keep it flowing, I’m enjoying every bit of them all!

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