Best feeling on Earth…

Love makes you feel close to awesomeness

Even when you two are far away

Even when in most tiresome nights

Even when you lost all you got


Love makes you stronger and weaker at times

Love makes your heart yearn for him

Love surely makes the world go around

Love is the best feeling on Earth…











Dakshi ~

2012– 16/02

© All Rights Reserved




About Dakshi

I thought I was living for a long time but till I found that special person I never knew I was just existing, waiting for a miracle to happen. And then… You happened… And now I feel that I’m alive, thanks to you now I breathe. You are the only soul that made my life complete. For that I cannot thank you enough. Be with me, in every step I take, Holding Me close to your heart, I know you will, Because of you I'm alive now, My Love…
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3 Responses to Best feeling on Earth…

  1. coldheart12 says:

    Wish I knew,
    how it feels,
    when one has,
    this much love.

  2. Love? Wow! Feels like a real good thing! Smiles!

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