Dying Inside, without You…

You and me

I love the sound of it

Just you and me


A day has passed

With you I’ve spent

And I’m missing you more than yesterday and before

I miss you so much

Can’t take it anymore

I feel as I’m

Dying inside


Leaving you

Turning back

Is the hardest part

I hate that part

I smell your scent

I feel you in me

But you aren’t with me

I feel as I’m

Dying inside


I can’t go alone

Can’t go home alone

I want to be with you

Forever and always

When we’ll be together?

When we’d be ours?

I long for that day

Although now I’m

Dying inside…












Dakshi ~

2012– 13/02

© All Rights Reserved



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1 Response to Dying Inside, without You…

  1. Ru says:

    If you really love each other,
    if God is willing,
    there ll be a day,
    you will be happy together.

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