Do you know I feel so much fulfilled?

After days of misery and distress, days without you

A new day has dawn, with warm sunbeams and brightness

The sight of you, make my heart jump in over joy

Do you know I feel so much fulfilled?


Pain is no more, heart rejoices and dance

How you have changed my world

You, only you, have become my world now

Do you know I feel so much fulfilled?


Absence does make the heart grow fonder

I’m thankful to you for being simply the best

Till two hearts greet again soon

Do you know I feel so much fulfilled?



For Thursday Poets Rally Week 58


( photo :


Dakshi ~

2011 – 15/12

© All Rights Reserved

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13 Responses to Do you know I feel so much fulfilled?

  1. Morning says:

    great one, glad to see you feel fulfilled,


  2. poetryroad says:

    Wonderful to feel this way!!

  3. ahhh sigh! isn’t it a wonderful feeling, to overcome something. especially when it was so painful. a sigh of relief and you can breathe once more! nice penning. thank you.

  4. tinkwelborn says:

    Love, such a powerful illusion…or is it an illusion? This piece is a panegyric to Love, and a pretty good one at that.

    Fulfillment in Love. a nice feel good piece.

  5. umesh says:

    lovely poem read your poem after long time.. positive thinking one

  6. Natalie says:

    what an achievement,
    great poetry.

  7. Caledoniapoems says:

    Great poem

  8. Wolf says:

    ” Love with a love that has no end, until I see you again. “

  9. Alex says:

    It makes me think about my first love!!! Gorgeous!!!

  10. crayfish says:

    🙂 happy times, enough said

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