Story of a Broken Heart…

You have crushed my heart, it’s alright

But the shock was too much for me to handle

Since I loved you and still do and always would

I was hurt, I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself


I sacrifice my life to you, around you I revolve

You are my life, you are my solace

I love you at my worst and my best

Love is not a one way street

Love is generous and reciprocal

I was hurt, I still feel those tingles

You broke my heart, you crushed my world


I will be fine, trust me, but it would take time

Be patient and love me more

I love to have loads of love from you

With you my life would start and it would end…

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Dakshi ~

2011 – 07/12

© All Rights Reserved

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1 Response to Story of a Broken Heart…

  1. heartofbella says:

    all these words feel like I could have written them, but you did — and my friend, I thank you. I feel your loneliness, your hurt and love… are not alone.

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