Everyday I Love you…

I will live my life

Without any regrets

I will live my life with you

Till my last breath


Everyday I should love you more

You, who have transformed into gentler soul for me,

I’m your priority; you always gives the best for me

In your each and every heart beat, I hear the sound of me


You love me more than I do how much I tried

You make me happy, you make my life fulfilled

My eyes seek for you; my life is dedicated for you

You and me, we would be ours; I will always love you…


( photo :http://aynaku.tumblr.com/post/119376704/spelldianne-my-….tually )


Dakshi ~

2011 – 26/11

© All Rights Reserved

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1 Response to Everyday I Love you…

  1. elbrigaking says:

    very nice poem, nice sonorities and touching meaning

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