Feel My Love*

From dawn passing noon to dusk

You are the one that I’m thinking of

You make me and my days complete

Do you feel my love?


When days are longer than it used to be

You are the only one I think of

You are like the sun that always brighten my world

Do you always feel my love?


When you are not with me, I cry inside

I will always be with you by your side

You are the one I love, you are my pride

I know you feel me love….

( photo : http://leloveimage.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010….e=true)


* My 400th Poetry Publication


Dakshi ~

2011 – 23/11

© All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to Feel My Love*

  1. Wolf says:

    love ur poems.

  2. elbrigaking says:

    very nice poem! Beautiful sonorities!

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