Thunder Storm…

Drench in loneliness, up until my head

Feeling bored and cold

I will lift myself up, thinking of your love

When my life is somber, when I’m feeling lost

You are my oasis, you are my guiding star

When I’m stuck, in this thunder storm

Have no way of coming to you and embrace

Hearing thunder struck, I wish you were here

Remembered you and your warmth when we touch

You and me, not two, but one

You complete my life, you complete my world

You are my dream, you are my reality

You have conquered my heart; you are blended in my soul….

~ © Dakshi ~

2011 – 08/11

All Rights Reserved

About Dee

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5 Responses to Thunder Storm…

  1. Lovely, sad and happy at the same time. I was recently trying to write a poem about how I felt for my boyfriend, especially during the bad times… you’ve done it for me. Well-written.

  2. Well done. Fine poem to read.

  3. Kay Salady says:

    What’s a storm without thunder? What’s one without another? Lovely poem!

  4. incredible.

    Happy Rally.

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