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I hate myself, for hurting You…

I hate myself for hurting you, all the time Although I love you more than my life The torture, the excruciating pain I know I feel I see myself as a sadist I won’t forgive Even when I cannot live … Continue reading

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You make me Fly…

When I was lost in a stormy night You voice made me fly Just like a feather on a beautiful summer day You make me hot and cold, You let butterflies dance in me You I will love, night and … Continue reading

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Can I trust YOU?

“Can I trust you?” You whispered to my ears, I looked at you with my eyes wide open “How can you not” I asked “ when I have given myself to you, How can you not…” “I do” You said … Continue reading

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Thunder Storm…

Drench in loneliness, up until my head Feeling bored and cold I will lift myself up, thinking of your love When my life is somber, when I’m feeling lost You are my oasis, you are my guiding star When I’m … Continue reading

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