Oceans Apart…

Don’t make it difficult for me

I know your heart must have been breaking

Into Tiny uncountable pieces every day, when you think of me

You think I’m better than that?

I feel worse;

In agonizing pain I feel lost and unloved

When you questioned my love

When I missed your warmth and affection

When I was counting days, hours and minutes to see you again

You, who knew me,

Lost in doubt,

With disappointment you look at me

Me, who is always faithful, honest to God

(I should not swear, because it’s nothing but the truth)

I thought what we had was stronger than this

I thought love would be able to go through any pain

Was I wrong to trust you with my life?

~ © Dakshi ~

2011 – 28/09

All Rights Reserved

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4 Responses to Oceans Apart…

  1. Jamie Hall says:

    A great poem. Well written and well paced with powerful imagery. Nice job.

  2. Morning says:

    wrong choice, it is never too late to walk away and find new hope in love.

  3. That is a strong question in the end. Was I wrong to trust you with my life. There some times is a feeling that the other person is not giving or caring as much. This one is hard. Especially if one is sick and the other does not know how to accept pain.

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