The Arrival…*

I know you waited till I come

Waited for so long, till your eyes ached

In burning sun, in this unbearable heat

In colder nights, you had none to warm you for long

How can I let you down

How can I break your fragile heart?

I have sailed seven seas for you

I have come in search of your love….

* One may say I have gone against the norm and wrote what an ordinary person would not write and argue the ship is going back to where it belongs, to the sea. But I believe it’s all above perception and all I want for my readers, is a happy ending and since I am the master of my creations, I wrote a different version for the prompt. Hope you will like it…

~ © Dakshi ~

2011 – 03/09

All Rights Reserved

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7 Responses to The Arrival…*

  1. love your take, long waited love, well deserved passion in return.


  2. Any prompt can be what the writer percieves it to be. I usually tak e liberties with whatever the prompt is. If we only wrote exactly what was there, we would all write the same thing. That would be no fun at all! Very nice poem, Dakshi!

  3. Morning says:

    very unique and lovely take.


  4. beautiful confession..

    love is beautiful.

  5. Very nice!
    And, a prompt is just that— a prompt. You are free to interpret it any way that you wish 🙂

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