This love of us

blend with a sense of loss

A longing and a heartache

You are not there when I want to hold

And I may not be, by your side

Aimlessly we both wander

Wanting to be with one another

You are in my heart,

You are safe, I hide you in my world

But this distance make us always wonder….

~ © Dakshi ~

2011 – 30/08

All Rights Reserved

About Dee

Alive and fighting…
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6 Responses to Heartaches…

  1. Shana says:

    Your poetry seamlessly articulates the longings and voided love a mother feels after a miscarraige.

  2. Sajeevs blog says:

    nice poem that touches the heart:)

  3. breath taking one.
    love your words.


  4. Ankoku Hikaru says:

    Heart Ache indeed.
    Nicely Written, it projects the emotion well.


  5. Why is it I always really feel like you do?

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