Lost amidst no where…

Lost amidst no where

To go or not to go

I thought,

looking at either side

Not a glimpse of hope

No single soul

Not even a bird in the sky

Silence killing my soul

Killing me softly with this empty space

Melancholy trying to embrace me

Solitary walks ahead of me…

~ © Dakshi ~

 2011 – 17/08

All Rights Reserved

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9 Responses to Lost amidst no where…

  1. Neni says:

    solitary walks ahead of me… I like this last line… It means much more that it says…It rings on me…

  2. Vivid words to describe what you see in this picture prompt. Nicely done.

    My story for week 8: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/amber-waves-of-grain/

  3. Morning says:

    well captured situations in the prompt…

    love it.


  4. West Lake says:

    kind of haunting,

    well done.


  5. pure2core says:

    It started …zooop… and got end… excellet display of emotion.. well written…

  6. mish says:

    There’s a deep sense of isolation … of loss … not certain of the way forward … ?

  7. ~L says:

    Wow! You in my mind are now tied for my favorite! This captured a feeling that was very much so true…. Great write:)

  8. focused and powerful expression.

    well done.


  9. very nice… sad and somber—which isn’t always a bad thing 🙂

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