You will ALWAYS be with me…


As if darker gloomier rain clouds

Were chased away by sunshine,

You made my fears go away

You hypnotized me with your power of love


I was so lost as a boat without a sail

Lost as if I’m a kite without strings

I was floating just like a dead leaf in a storm

But you came along and you saved my soul


Rest assured our days would be brighter

For we have lots of love that would conquer all

Now I think should make my heart lighter

Isn’t it great, I’ll  always have you whenever I fall 


~ © Dakshi ~

2011 – 16/08

All Rights Reserved

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7 Responses to You will ALWAYS be with me…

  1. Wolf says:

    Together forever………

  2. abichica says:

    woowwww… beautiful.. 🙂

  3. Your poetic voice rings so loud and true in this one.You put so much heart into the words. And if you don’t…then your that much more talented because I believe and feel it. Nice work.

  4. terri0729 says:

    Love is a beautiful thing when it is reciprocal, isn’t it! Marvelous post!! My husband is to me exactly what you said. He has healed my scars from the abuse I suffered by loving them away. I would be lost without him now. I truly loved this poem. Peace be yours 🙂

  5. the imagery is beautiful.

  6. pure2core says:

    Superb lines… I enjoyed the simplicity and gr8 impact of the poetry… Amazing…Thanks for share

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