With you I can touch the Sky…

Those unfounded fears

Those hunted dreams

Those Heartbreaks and hurt

I have none now

Feeling free and alive

As a bird flying so high

With you ( I know)

I can always touch the sky…

~ © Dakshi ~

  2011 – 16/08

 All Rights Reserved

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8 Responses to With you I can touch the Sky…

  1. I. Adore. This. Love the sentiment and the image is perfect! Love the whole thing. It made me smile. 🙂

  2. Wonderfl, uplifting poem. Nicely done!

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/this-eden/

  3. terri0729 says:

    This is so sweet and endearing! I loved it. Peace and blessings 🙂

  4. dynamic, well done.


  5. Katherine says:

    A beautiful love poem. Your words are simple yet so full of heart and meaning. Well done 🙂

  6. Rekha says:

    Beautiful words from the heart.

  7. pure2core says:

    Pray God that this happens… lovely way of presenting heart…Thanks for share

  8. fiveloaf says:

    dakshi dakshi you have bloomed! glad to be of your acquaintance again thru gooseberry!

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