How could you love me still?

How could you love me still,

When I least deserve it?

For I’m the villain

Who crush your heart mercilessly

Like a brutal egoistic

Even then you love me with

Every breath you take…

~ © Dakshi ~

  2011 – 31/7

 All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to How could you love me still?

  1. True love is always, unconditional. It doesn’t mean that you have free reign to treat someone badly because they’re going to love you anyway, but, it means they are going to love you but, maybe they won’t like you.
    This is sad because the writer seems to be aware of the pain she is causing yet, is unable to stop it for some reason. In a sense that would make her, her own worst enemy.
    Thanks for visiting me and the comment, too. 🙂

  2. umesh says:

    separate and forgiven is the most wonderful features in love

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