Selfless Love

I have to be strong

Have to stand by my decision

Believe me, it’s not easy

Don’t mistaken me for a saint

I’m not even closer to one

I’m Just a humble soul

Who think things just too much, too deep

And have a conscious that always nag me

It reminds me of who I am, why am I here

Trust me, I know from my heart we not here just to stay

We have to show that we live each day,

Not merely exist

We have an obligation, a moral duty

For being fortunate than many

Have to speak out for the delicate souls

Who are still in bloom

Should Be the spring for the unloved hearts

Who long for love but never show

Have to think of many before me

Should never be self centered

Think of happiness of those who need it

Sacrifice selflessly all the love I can give

I’ll stand by you

Since I have to be the change I want to see in the world*

* Mahathma Gandhi

© 2011 July 15/7 – All Rights Reserved


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