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This must be Love*

This burning pain I feel within Which surrenders my soul This Must be love; I must be in love…    * My 200th poem   © 2011 15/7 – Dakshi  All Rights Reserved

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Soulful Love

Love makes you soulful Envious to the core Insecurity creeps within Every minute it roars.. © 2011  15/7 – All Rights Reserved Dakshi

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A tightrope walk

Love is like a tightrope walk You bruise hearts and you’ll be in crossroads But if your love is true, never let go Hold the love that will make your soul glow © 2011 July 15/7 – All Rights Reserved … Continue reading

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Selfless Love

I have to be strong Have to stand by my decision Believe me, it’s not easy Don’t mistaken me for a saint I’m not even closer to one I’m Just a humble soul Who think things just too much, too … Continue reading

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The soft sound of raindrops hitting my window pane Woke me up from my sleep I searched everywhere I thought you were by my side My heart is still warm like fire But it was a dream and you are … Continue reading

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