“Love would never get older just like fine wine,

Everyday it’d be far better than yesterdays,You’ll still be mine,

The warmth and passion of not letting other go would be there still,

Match made is heaven,Oh, what a Perfect couple,

They are just Soul mates,I envy their mere sight”

These are sweetest lies,

Each and every one of them,

Many would like to believe,

Deceiving themselves,

And live that lie everyday,

Look at him, who’s sitting next to you,

Are you really in love?

Or are you merely holding the fort,

And living in your comfort zone?

It would be one question you chose to ignore,

You just live your life,

for the sake of living,

When was the last time, you had perfect conversation?

When was the last time you even talked?

It would NEVER ever be,

Two bodies one soul,

It is a mere compromise,

And you will always be the one who would Sacrifice


© 2011 July – All Rights Reserved


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