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How could you love me still?

How could you love me still, When I least deserve it? For I’m the villain Who crush your heart mercilessly Like a brutal egoistic Even then you love me with Every breath you take… ~ © Dakshi ~   2011 – 31/7  All … Continue reading

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I’m No More…

I looked from above to see (While roaming with my new found soul) How you mourn for me Near my funeral pyre Don’t let your tears get wasted I’m no more But you have to go on… ~ © Dakshi ~   2011 … Continue reading

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Fragile Heart…

My heart seems to be too fragile To handle the pain Feeling of suffocation made me think And my heart would explode at any given time ~ © Dakshi ~ 2011 – 27/7 All Rights Reserved

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You made my day…

To you, with love I feel my days are numbered With all the aches, pains and agonies So I just want you to know I don’t want to go, but if I have to I must go But I just … Continue reading

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Love Amazes you With the power it bestow A word, a glance Could crush you Making you numb with pain And shattering your world Into uncountable pieces ~ © Dakshi ~ 2011 – 27/7 All Rights Reserved

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You Sighed…

When I’m standing here in front of your very own eyes Your mind roams around far far away lands, you sighed Trust my word; I would not go leaving you behind, Do not think of things that’d confuse your mind … Continue reading

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I’d Stay…

Even when you want to push me away For an unknown reason, I must say I will never go, I’d stay I just want to make your day Love is patient, all would say Just smile at me, do not … Continue reading

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Floating Soul…

When you’ve lost yourself at point blank I saw you floating in the air You know, I wanted to be there Reassuring, showing my care But you never looked at me You refused to see You have already formulated your … Continue reading

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Just Breathe…

I know shadows of doubts haunts in you mind Getting darker and scarier every minute, Fear of loosing me creeping all the time, Keep in mind, just keep in mind You haven’t lost me You never will Not even in … Continue reading

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Forget – Me – Not

I will hold your hand, when you are in pain Lean on my shoulder, will be your shadow Give me all your pain, will endure all But when you are happy, will fade away, I’d go Would I ever meet … Continue reading

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