Broken Promises….

After so many moons of solitude,

Feeling blue and cold,

With greatest difficulty and battling with herself,

She has found the key to her heart,

Unlocked her chambers of secrets,

And waited,

In the twilight,

For the arrival, as promised

But all she could hear was the sound of fluttering wings of  owls,

She gazed till her eyes ache, but she was keeping faith,

And it was almost dawn now,

Hopes have shattered,

She should have known this would come

She stood up,

And walked till she’s sweating and shaking,

With all her might threw the key to the deepest end of the ocean, as she can,

Not wanting to find it again,

Never in this lifetime,

She vowed,

That she won’t entrap again in the promises filled with lies,

Which would lull her soul and break her spirit.


© 2011 June – All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to Broken Promises….

  1. Reflections says:

    A touching piece, full of the struggles of our faith, reaching beyond the ends of time and back again… to find the solace of meditations lure.

  2. Amazing poem.. “the sound of fluttering wings of owls,” I loved this statement

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