I wish I could….




I wish I could tell you,

How much you meant to me,

You my friend, had brightened every corner of my life,

And I’m so very grateful for you,

I thank God everyday, for letting me have a wonderful making of the universe,

Like you,

Where I never feel alone,

Where I cherish our every conversation,

The deep as well as sentimental yet funny,

But I don’t wanna stand in your way,

You are a free spirit, with no attachments,

If you would know how much I care,


Up to this very day,

I wish you would see this,

Then you will know how much I missed,

But never wanted to be a pain,

Or a burden,

A stone in your way,

Or a thorn,

Every day I wish you happiness and pray God will give all the very best to you,

That would be my wish,

Till the day I lose my last breath…

About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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11 Responses to I wish I could….

  1. booguloo says:

    I hope your friend realizes what a friend they have in you.

  2. Jingle says:

    Join poetry potluck if you can, thanks for the support.

    you rock.

  3. lunawitch15 says:

    this cut me deep as i am going through the same thing.
    hugs to you.
    hugs and more.


  4. Interesting Input.Well written!

  5. Ina says:

    This one brought a tear in my eye, I felt so much the same. Hugs!

  6. Dakshi says:

    some people are so egostic, there don’t wanna see what they are missing…

  7. Wolf says:

    Why this hurt so much?

  8. Dakshi says:

    May be i don’t believe in this anymore..

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