Right In front…

Changed and matured,

I am now, you know,

But why do I feel a distance?

I wonder why you want to lose yourself

In unknown places,

Where you search for solace, search for peace,

Why do you humble yourself in places where they treat you

As if you are an intruder?

How come you cannot see,

What is in front of your very own eyes?


About Dee

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5 Responses to Right In front…

  1. This is a beautiful piece. It flows nicely and asks meaningful questions. I love it and I feel I can really relate.

  2. Michael Yost says:

    Truth may have the nectar that’s best for us, but with so many colors around..

  3. awww! i adore this! i have subscribed to your blog. its so inspiring! 🙂

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