A Doll’s Story…

(Inspired by the song “When She Loved Me” – performed by Sarah McLachlan for Toy Story)


Oh, how I longed to see that day again,

Where you first picked me from the store,

I remember how you smiled at me,

And held me as if you just don’t wanna let me go,

I felt jubilant as none loved me,

Never knew what is care,

Never heard a kind word,

So you were so very rare

We came “home”, now I have one,

I was the apple of your eyes,

I was your trophy as you showed me around,

You treated me with your best care,

From dawn to dusk, till stars shine above,

I was with you till you sleep,

I’m sure in your dreams too I was,

I saw you smile while you sleep

This life, fantastic wonderful life,

Came to halt one bad day,

A visit from unknown, from a far far land,

Made my luck go away

I was neglected, none looked at me,

You drifted away with your new found trophy,

I was cornered, in the darkness,

I felt alone, but I know its life

Some would say I’m just a toy,

I am not, and I feel I have a say,

I wish you knew how much you meant to me,

There would be a day, perhaps, that you would pick me up and play,

All I wanted to say, was how things change in such a way

None is forever, and even if so forever is too long….


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Not writing in this blog anymore....
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10 Responses to A Doll’s Story…

  1. Jingle says:

    Thanks for contributing another piece…

    love the doll, beautiful imagination here.

    support by visiting fellow participants from the list, Happy Rally!

  2. Dakshi says:

    Thank you Jingle…

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  4. lolamouse says:

    This made me feel like crying! I want to find all the neglected dolls and clean them up and love on them now!

  5. thingy says:

    Aaww. I know my dolls were important to me. Now I miss them. : (

  6. Chamz says:

    We always have the desire to be desired. I hope the doll will be chosen.

  7. Charming. Reminds me of being a child and having dolls.

    The one you piced for illustration is rather whistful, which goes well with the “now I have a home” feeling…

    Lovely post. Thank you. Happy Rally! Hope you are enjoying visits and visitors.


  8. hermio says:

    great combo with the shot!

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