Voice of the Dead…

You said you’ve forgiven me

And what is done is done

You wanted me to resurrect from dead

You wanted to wipe blood from your hands

My blood

Warm, moist my blood

Blood will have blood,

No matter what we want,

And I am among the dead still,

How can I come back?

You stabbed mercilessly

You buried me and sealed my coffin

Sealed it with your own hand

And you ‘looked like the innocent flower’

But inside your head, you may hear my wail,

Its not that I’m afraid to live among dead,

Dead are far better than those who are alive,

They won’t harm you, or make your life miserable,

Life is so strange, to be killed by the hand once you held,

It’s my fate, to be killed by you,

Do not remember me, for I am among the dead now

But my blood is in your hand.

( http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z77/maki-chan1492/rosa.jpg)

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44 Responses to Voice of the Dead…

  1. A very tactical piece you put up here. As a writer, I know it takes a lot of imagination and “role-assuming” to write a piece like this. You did fantastic in this.


  2. Dakshi says:

    Thanx 🙂

  3. siubhan says:

    for me, the idea/analogy of being ‘dead’ to someone you’ve lost or left or have been broken by is what speaks here, and it moves me tremendously. thanks for sharing this.

  4. buttercup600 says:

    I actually had chills reading this from beginning to end, I agree with what Em said above…it is not easy writing a piece like this and is so well depicted. Thanks for sharing my friend x

  5. Jingle says:

    powerful and creepy..
    masterfully done!

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  7. Jingle says:

    Hi, Welcome in…
    Thanks for the support.
    Happy Friday!
    Have fun reading some others from the list….


  8. This is a masterful write. I absolutely agree with Jingle. Know that there is always hope and a new day. Bisous, Love and Light, Sender

  9. your poem makes you the wounded healer of your own soul…To the dark places you go…there you find your recovery


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  11. tasithoughts says:

    Some days I feel like this. LOL. Seriously, your use of words to pull the reader in to the darkness of the futility of how life feels sometimes was excellent. Well done.

  12. Imagina says:

    I had goosebumps reading it.. and I could totally connect to your message here.. Loss and betrayal are like death, your soul is dead.. I wrote about this ‘death’ too.. I hope writing this made you feel good..
    Great piece, thanks for sharing this with us, dakshima.

  13. Dakshi says:

    Thanx Marimusic…

  14. Part of regaining yourself is losing yourself; the process of grief takes time and it is a process. Writing poetry is good – takes the grief and uses it creatively – well done

  15. kill bill girl…. u totally painted that movie in me head with this…. BRAVO!!!

  16. -D says:

    interesting. i think you didn’t really mean dead as in DEAD right? or is it just my own interpretation? in literal sense, this is downright creepy. figuratively, it’s so heartbreaking and vengeance is a must.

    • Dakshi says:

      Nope.I am still alve but I was hurt and deepest end of my soul was destroyed.But there is no point of crying over someone who is not worth it…
      Thanx for the comment.. 🙂

  17. revbillcook says:

    Good to see someone struggling with a difficult subject. Forgiveness, pain, redemption. Real questions and not easy if we are to speak truthfully. – bill

  18. Alethea says:

    This says that you must have gone through a lot……loved the concept of “being dead”.
    This brought back memories of times when I’ve felt the same. Forgiving the ones who hurt you is hard but living with the hurt is harder. I could see the mixed emotions in your poem….anger, hurt, pain, revenge, forgiveness.
    Excellent read!!

  19. mstevensson says:

    This reminds me of Macbeth in a strange way. Nice read.

  20. vivinfrance says:

    This poem shocked me into delving into the inner meaning. That’s what a good poem should do, and yours is certainly that.

  21. williewizzy says:

    Dead speaks from grave. A little blood can tell lot of story too. Very well written.

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  24. Olivia says:


    Hello, friend:

    Monday Poetry Potluck Is NOW open, linking is open from Sunday 8pm to Tuesday, 8pm, welcome join us by linking in 1 to 3 poems, you could use an old poem, the more you share, the happier we are…hurry up!
    Thanks in advance.
    Hope to see you in our lovely potluck…

  25. Wow intense, as I read it I kept thinking of McBeth like the last verse “But my blood is in your hand.” I was like OUT DAMN SPOT OUT! goodstuff

  26. sugarsiren says:

    I really liked this poem,so dark and eeriely creepy at the same time. As though a story being held right in front of you. Of how things that were and how they’ve came to be. An endless torment for one that killed and yet a somewhat happy ending for one that died living in a world where pain no longer lives but only among the living does it live tormenting those that seek to destroy ones they love. Really powerfull. If your looking more poetry to read, read my blog: sugarsiren.wordpress.com; a site with Poems and recipes to feed the mind.

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