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I looked at the mirror And saw myself It was my reflection, But I saw… A different person In me Looks like me Talks like me Smile like me But a different person In me I saw the eyes I … Continue reading

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Was I wrong?

I thought you knew me better Better than many other I thought you understood me Understood me better I thought we had a bond A bond with trust and faith I thought I don’t have to explain That you would … Continue reading

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Remember Me…

I was recommended “The Gadfly” by E.L.Voynich (  This is the after thoughts of   “The Gadfly”  (There is some excerpts from the Novel as well.)  “I am to be shot at sunrise to-morrow. So if I am to keep at all … Continue reading

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Messenger of Death…

I have moved on You gave me no choice When you ripped my once beating heart I have gone I have gone to heaven And I looked down And then I saw you I could read your mind I see … Continue reading

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I’m in Heaven

I was among the dead With an unexplainable pain Where my soul was crushed and torn, And I could not remember anything Just Wanted to sleep forever That was my final wish I opened my eyes There was a light … Continue reading

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Voice of the Dead…

You said you’ve forgiven me And what is done is done You wanted me to resurrect from dead You wanted to wipe blood from your hands My blood Warm, moist my blood Blood will have blood, No matter what we … Continue reading

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The Burning Flame…

The candle burns With a fluttering flame A flame so bright Brought warmth, light Too tempting to resist, It invited the Moth, He was too scared to admit But he knew that is it. He knew That he would burn … Continue reading

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Last words…

 ( Reply to the (Not so cold blooded Murderer) Yes, you have killed me And it makes you a murderer, You killed me cold bloodedly, You just stabbed, How could you just do it How could you while looking into … Continue reading

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Confessions of a not so cold blooded Murderer

(Answer to the poem “My Blood”) You were just a kid, A mere, naïve kid, Who asked too many questions, You loved me, yes; you loved me very much, It was no a secret to the world, You cared for … Continue reading

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My blood..

There was blood My blood Every where Warm, sticky my blood From the moment You have stabbed And ripped My heart My blood Was pouring I hear the sound Of it dipping My feels are wet With my blood I … Continue reading

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