The Promise

 Thought I was listening to your sadness

Your life, your pain, the silent cry of yours

But all the while I was listening to myself,

My own assumptions, my own way

Not to you, which I should have

Thought I gave you my shoulder, my friend

To lean on, to cry till it’s wet with your tears

But the truth was, you were alone

And I was not there, when you needed me the most

Thought I opened my arms for you to embrace

To hide yourself in me,

But the truth was, I was walking away from you,

I have turned away; was blind to your pain

You must have felt my need, a hand to hold, a hug

But I was not there, I was almost walking away

Having my own presumptions,

Not giving you a chance to speak up

All I can say is I’m not a saint,

I bleed, I cry, I form opinions

Which could be based on lies

But if we believe, we can try,

We can start afresh and fly

I trust you and I do care,

And I don’t know how I should apologize

For simply not being there,

I won’t promise you sun or the moon, my friend

But next time, I won’t fail you

Next time, even your shadow leaves

I would be by your side,

Till death won over me,

I promise you that,

My friend….

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7 Responses to The Promise

  1. Jingle says:

    rich sentiments,
    I can relate…

    beautifully crafted poem!

  2. So sad and yet truthful, something I can connect with. And, of course, that amazing hope in the end. Well done!

  3. You seem to be able to catch emotions, images and feelings brilliantly in your words x

  4. Jingle says:

    Rally week 28 will be on September 9,
    welcome then

    awards for you,
    check out other stuff there.

  5. bluebee says:

    Lovely expression of self-reflection. bb

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