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Friendship is often misunderstood Blends with pain, misery and hurt, Why can’t we have human relationships? Which is a miracle in modern times Where explaining is unnecessary Which is based on pure understanding Not deceits and lies.

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The Dream….

Last night I saw myself in a dream Where I was dead and my spirit wandered To see, You were laughing with others, Seated right in front of my cold coffin….

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I thought I could melt your heart, But instead I melted away When you crushed my soul with your Silence……

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Burning Dream…

You starred With blank eyes, to the horizon, Not looking at me, refusing to meet my eyes, And I saw All my dreams, my life, my soul, Burning in that empty gaze..

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The Call…

It’s their first meeting After the row they had The end of misery and pain, End of conflicting Egos, Where both promised to love the other “Till death do us part” Everything is going to start a fresh now, And … Continue reading

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Brighter than Sunshine….

I saw her, Passing by, Those were the testing times Testing the patience The strength to go on With hurt, suffering and trauma Indifference, Numb with unbearable pain Longing to know how life at the other end would be… Absence … Continue reading

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